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THE HEART OF WRITING by Suzanne Murray

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Jumpstart the Process,

Find Your Voice,

Calm the Inner Critic

and Tap the Creative Flow


A Portable Writing Workshop
includes 28 lessons and exercises to help you ignite your writing

This book draws on my decades of experience with writing and teaching writing, giving you the insight, wisdom and information that it took me years to learn on my own. There are twenty-eight lessons followed by an exercise to help you in establishing your writing practice.

I’ve used these lessons and exercises with hundred of students to help them find their voice, show up to their writing, and access the creative flow. They are intended to ignite your creative fire and open you to the flow while providing a valuable foundation in the writing process. The book is designed to take you into the heart of the writing experience, whether you are looking to write a novel, short stories, poems, essays, a memoir or a blog for your website.

Suzanne is more than an excellent teacher. She is an inspiration. Her writing workshops are not only about the craft of writing, but are a journey into the heart of the writing experience. . . Jill Cagan, California

Thanks Suzanne. I love the book. It feels like you are talking directly to me as I read. – Anne Dolan, California

Suzanne your book helped me moved forward in the writing so that I was able to finish my book. Thanks – Sharon Skolnick-Bagnoli, California

I have been working on an exercise a day through your Heart of Writing e-book. I love it! It is like being in class again. – Tonya Osinkosky, Virginia


or it is still available as a 55 page ebook (pdf download)
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if you purchase it as a pdf download I include a free hour long mp3 of an interview where I talk about using the book and engaging the heart of writing.

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