Writing Coaching

and something ignited in my soul
fever or unremembered wings
and I went my own way
deciphering that burning fire
and I wrote the first bare line,
pure foolishness
pure wisdom,
of one who knows nothing
and suddenly I saw the heavens
unfasten and open

– Pablo Neruda


Everyone is talented, original and has something important to say. – Brenda Ueland


book cover heart of writingAre you a beginning writer who needs a jumpstart to get started with writing and help in understanding the different aspects of the process?

Are you an experienced writer looking show up more fully to your practice and deepen your unique voice and style?

Do you have writing project you need help finishing?

This coaching works for beginning and experienced writers as well as all styles of writing. We work with simple, powerful techniques to find your voice, calm your inner critic, enter the flow, jumpstart your writing, support your creative self and learn to access the joyful heart of the writing process.


Do you want to get back in the habit of writing on a regular basis? Or do you want to learn how to engage the writing process and begin to express yourself creatively with words? Or do you want to ignite your creativity and show up for fully to your writing or go deeper into the process and craft? Or do you want to tailor our work together to really fit your specific needs?

We work by phone or Skype with online support to provide you with essential information on the writing process, answer your questions about writing and get clear on the plan that will help you to show up the way you want and learn to fall in love with process. I can send you lessons and assignments that cover important aspects of the writing process and information on craft and the art of revision. I can coach you through any resistance or problems along the way and hold the space of unconditional acceptance and support to nurture your unique voice and help you find the stories that are really important to you.

What her clients say. . .

Thanks Suzanne for the wonderful month of coaching. I continue to get up every morning and write. I saved many of your e-mails from our work together that I refer to to help me write with joy and experimentation the way you guided me to do. – Tonya Osinkosky

After the online coaching with Suzanne I feel new clarity about my writing and the words are tumbling onto the pages. She helped me get unstuck. I am so grateful for her wonderful guidance. – Sasha Waverly

Suzanne is an amazing teacher. She has a real gift for coaxing her students inner muse out of hiding . Since beginning working with Suzanne my creativity through writing has skyrocketed, and my relationship with my own muse has opened doorways, softened edges, and freed me from the shackles of my inner critic. I will be ever grateful. – Melissa Paterson

Suzanne is more than an excellent teacher. She is an inspiration. Her writing workshops are not only about the craft of writing, but are a journey into the heart of the writing experience. . .
Jill Cagan

Writing Coaching Four Week Package $365