What I Love About Ireland

People who have journeyed to Ireland with me have repeatedly thanked me for sharing my love of the place with them. It got me thinking about all that I love about Ireland and the Irish people. It’s a long list. I thought I’d share a bit of it to give you a feel for the spirit of the island.  

What I love about Ireland:

I love the outlandish hospitality of the Irish people, their kindness, generosity and willingness to go out of their way for you, without thinking a thing of it. They have an openness and genuine curiosity about you and what brought you to Ireland. If you stand on any street corner in Ireland with a map open in your hands, even in busy, bustling Dublin City, at least six people will stop to ask if you need help.

I love the ancient rhythms of the land, the history going back thousands of years found in well known sites like Newgrange and Dún Aonghasa and countless others blending into the landscape of a farmer’s field. 

I love the many people, who after I have tell them that my grandparents came from Ireland, have warmly welcomed me home.

I love the Celtic music, in the pubs all over the country, with feet tapping to the wonderful rhythms. Pubs are the center of social life for the village including families who gather to visit.

I love that pouring a pint of Guinness (that dark stout beer with a creamy foam) is an art form that takes several minutes.

I love the Irish reverence for storytelling, poetry, literature and myth.

I love the touch of misting rain that colors the hills a brilliant green.

I love the laughter and humor of the Irish, a gift I inherited from my father.

I love that the Irish people still have time. In contrast to other parts of the western world where everyone is in a hurry, the Irish have a more relaxed and open relationship with time. They are always willing to stop and have a bit of conversation.

I love the beauty of the landscape. The rugged coastline sprinkled with white sand beaches. The changing weather. The elemental presence of the wind and the sea.

I love the open relationship to death in Ireland In a village when someone passes everyone goes to the funeral. Neighbors show up to offer support and people gather to share stories of the loved one.

I love the Irish sense the presence of the ancestors. A friend, whose mother had just passed away, explained that his sister, engaged to a man in Cork, had applied for a job there so they could be together. A few hours after their mother’s death she got the call offering her the job. He commented, “well mom got to work right away on our behalf.”

I love the wealth of sacred sites and holy wells all around the country. The way the invisible that supports the visible world is honored.

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