Where Do We Find Inspiration

I recently spent time in Cedar Breaks National Monument in southern Utah. Besides having a colorful canyon and subalpine meadows filled with wildflowers, it is a designated International Dark Sky park with a wonderful night sky program provided by highly knowledgeable and committed astronomers volunteering their time. Much to my surprise spending time watching and learning about the night sky opened new doors to wonder for me. It fueled my imagination and inspired the poem you’ll find below. 

It got me thinking about how we can open to new possibilities for inspiration for our creativity and lives now when we need it more than ever. Where can we find resources that uplift our spirit and help us create the positive future we all yearn for.

Appreciating the night sky certainly expands our view of our world and our place in the universe. Even if you don’t live with a dark sky you can still find inspiration. When you have a chance, step out after dark and look up at the moon and the stars. Pay attention to what inspiration comes to you when you do.


Constellations picture
the night sky,
line drawings sketched
by an imaginative hand.

Connecting the dots
we discover
a lion, a scorpion
an eagle, a ram.

As night descends
planets pop out first,
Jupiter and Saturn
in the last twilight.

The Big Dipper points
to Polaris, the North Star
ever-present compass bearing
should we find ourselves lost.

As darkness deepens
mythic ones wander the heavens.
Draco the dragon, Sagittarius the archer,
ancient Greek tales of their exploits
sizzle the imagination.

Away from city lights
we gaze up at a black sky
glittered with stars.
Open to the wonder
of billions of other worlds.

Stars being birthed.
Stars exploding and dissolving
back into the fabric of space.
Stars like our Sun
generous with their fiery light.

We experience
the living pulsing galaxy
we call home,

find ourselves part
of this sparkling swirl of stars
our Milky Way.

– Suzanne Murray

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