Bringing Your Gifts to the World

It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits of our abilities do not exist. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I just watched the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions for this year. The most surprising was Joan Baez, Folk music icon from the 1960s whose career began in coffeehouses in Cambridge Massachusetts where her extraordinary voice quickly launched her to prominence. She sang Bob Dylan’s early songs helping give him an audience. He thought her voice stunning.

In her acceptance of the award Baez said early on she realized that the uniqueness of her voice was a gift from Spirit and that she was responsible for using it. With the heart of a social activist and at the behest of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr she brought her voice to the civil rights movement.

We all have gifts, some may be obvious and some may catch us by surprise. Just out of college I got a job teaching environmental education for Yosemite Institute. Much to my amazement it turned out I had a real gift for teaching, something that has enriched my life in countless ways and followed me through different interests over the years.

I have also followed the threads of my creative gifts as a writer and photographer which have brought a real sense of joy and expansion to my life. Anytime we embrace our gifts we feel more alive and find ourselves capable of more than we thought possible. We are also able to touch and influence others in ways that we may never know.

Jackson Browne who inducted Baez said that when he as 14 the first album he ever bought with his own money was Baez’s second album. As he listened to her ethereal voice he realized that so much could be drawn from voice and acoustic guitar. This became the foundation of his own musical career.

One of the things I really love about working as a creativity coach is watching people come alive to their gifts and the enthusiasm for life it brings. Take a moment and think of the gifts that you already bring to the world. Are there any gifts that you would like to further develop. One small step a day will carry you in that direction. I tell my clients to start with ten minutes a day on any new activity. This limits the resistance we tend to feel whenever we do something new or expand on something we are already working with.

The world needs our gifts now more than ever. How can we each bring forward our gifts to take care of ourselves, each other and the world in these challenging times. Focusing on our gifts and the beauty and love we bring to expressing them can help change the world.

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