Nature the Greatest Inspiration

Among my favorite nature writers are Thomas Hardy and John Steinbeck. Best known as literary giants, they brought an extraordinary sense of the natural world to their work. In the first chapter of Hardy’s Return of the Native no humans are introduced. Rather, a place, Egdon Heath takes center stage in all its wonder and personality.

Nature is really the greatest source of inspiration for creativity and innovation. The original artist and inventor has mentored so many. Writers, poets, painters, photographers, dancers, musicians and gardeners among them.

Even new heating and air conditioning systems have drawn from the design of termite towers that maintain a steady 86 degrees F year round. The cells in our body act very much like the semiconductor chips in our computer.

Consider all the ways nature has already inspired you and your life. The beauty and peace she holds for our world. The way she can nurture our creative yearnings.

April 22, 2017 marks the forty-seventh Earth Day, an event that sprang out of the environmental movement in 1970. Now more that ever the earth needs our help. How can we celebrate her. How creative can we be in our support. How can we give back.

This year on that day, for those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am offering a one day workshop Writing and Creating in Nature,, where we play with our creative potential letting nature be our guide, and take home tools to add to our own creative explorations and expand our capacity for innovation.

For those of you not able to attend, begin thinking about how will you engage nature on that day and everyday beyond. In the Irish language there are words for when you love a place it loves you back. I have certainly felt this. One way we all can express our love for nature is through our creativity. Then open up to the sense that she is indeed there to inspire and love us back.

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