Plan a Trip You Don’t Intend to Take

ireland dolmenI recently saw a list of ten ways to increase your happiness. The one that really stood out was to plan a trip you don’t intend to take. I love the idea. As a creativity and life coach, I saw the ways this exercise could really open us up in new ways. It helps to break the pattern of our everyday life. It allows us to exercise our imagination and sense of curiosity. It opens us to the field of infinite possibilities since we aren’t constrained by concerns like finances, health, physical capacities, cultural differences, vacation time or jet lag.

As an avid traveler it made me eager to explore places that I’m not sure I’ll ever get to. I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland and have a friend in Australia I’d love to visit. I’ve long been intrigued by the sacred site of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Machu Picchu in the Andes in Peru. Then of course there’s the wildlife in Africa. I may end up planning a trip around the world. I’m already feeling happier and I haven’t even cracked a guidebook.

Playing with this idea can open us up to seeing new possibilities in every area of our lives. So often we close ourselves off by thinking, we are too old, don’t have enough time, don’t have enough money or our health isn’t good enough. It allows us to get creative and opens us to enjoying a wider world without leaving the comfort of our armchair.

And who knows quantum physics suggests that the universe is responsive to where we put our focus. If there’s a place we really do want to go, planning and taking the trip in our imagination just might allow it to happen. Either way you’ve increases your happiness and sense of excitement and understanding about the world.

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  1. That is really really cool! I never even thought of how much just the planning could benefit us. Usually I think I’ll plan when I actually have the money to make the trip, but I like this idea. Might have to start planning that imaginary journey to Ireland now!


    suzanne Reply:

    That’s great Amber. Who knows the planning of the trip may help with the way we can actually make it happen even if we have no idea at the time.


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