Ready to Embrace Creative Juices of Spring?

Hummingbird Ruby ThroatedSpring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ – Robin Williams

The days are getting noticeably longer. We experience the return of the light. Here in California the flowers are burst out on the hillsides after late winter rains. Yellow mustard colors the lush green fields. The blue flags of wild iris have unfurled under the oaks trees. Birds are beginning to sing as if to encourage the world to awaken. Red-tail hawks swirl in their mating dance overhead their shrill cries falling to earth.

Can you feel the possibilities in all that? We so often limit ourselves to the same old, same old. We create our future from the reference points of the past. Even when we are actively engaged in a form of creativity we may resist doing it in a new and different that may feel more vital. In this season of the world being born anew what wants to be born in you?

Stop right now. Take a few slow deep breaths all the way down into your belly, relax your body with each breath, relax your neck and shoulders, quiet your mind. Invite your higher Self in. Check in with that place were you just know things. We often call it our gut or you could feel into your heart. Allow an answer to come through. It could come through as words in your mind or a feeling in your body or just a sense of knowing.

If you don’t get anything right away that’s okay. Let it go. As you go about your day pay attention to any ideas that pop into your mind while you are driving, doing the dishes or taking a shower. Look for synchronicities. Be open, be curious, be courageous. It could be anything wanting to emerge. You could feel inspired to: Start a garden for the first time; go somewhere you have never been before; write your first poem; get a pack of crayons and start drawing; or spend more time in Nature. What do you love? What brings you alive? Where do you find your joy? Look there for what wants to be born anew.

At the same time spring is a time to clean out. What are you ready to let go of? Stuff in your closet and garage or old habits that no longer serve your highest good? What could you get rid of that would lighten your load and open you to new possibilities? If you feel resistance breath into it and relax. Keep breathing.

Go out into nature watch the way the plants break ground, rise up, spread out and flower. What we plant in the spring grows through the summer and comes to harvest in autumn. What wants to grow from your heart and your spirit? What is budding in your imagination? What do you want to create in this season of flowering? What tiny step will you take today?

Play with all this and most important have fun. Use this season to renew your sense of wonder for the world.

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