The Love and Grace of Animals

horse whiteWe still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us. – Albert Einstein

I have a friend who does coaching that involves horses as an active partner in the client’s process around whatever issue is being addressed. I visited her recently and she took me to visit the two horses and the four miniature donkeys she works with.

Horses have an exceptional awareness of energy. On meeting my friends horses I immediately had the sense they are really interested in helping us if we are open and allow it. One of the horses, a two year old mare that my friend keeps for riding rather than for her coaching work, began to gently mouth my right shoulder a place where I tend to carry tension.

Later we went to see the four miniature female donkeys, who stand about two feet at the shoulder. I had the intuition to squat down as they approached. The first came around to my right side and wrapped herself around me in what felt like a hug. Then she too mouthed my right shoulder. Another donkey come to my left side and nuzzled up under my left arm in the area of my heart. Yet another came around and nuzzled my lower back. When it was time for us to leave the donkey who had been at my heart very purposely escorted me to the gate. It was so clear that these lovely little ones were very intentionally doing healing work on an energetic level, even though I wasn’t actively engaged in coaching work with my friend.

My friend had noticed the same pattern the donkeys use to surround a person with her coaching clients. She also noted that most people just see them as cute and fail the grasp the powerful healers and acknowledge that she can’t really explain what these beautiful sweet being are doing. It’s not something you can understand with your mind but you can have awareness of, a knowing.

More and more I have the awareness that the animals, wild and domestic, are masters of unconditional love if only we are open to receive.

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