The Gift of Your Breath

dolphin closeupRecently I have become increasingly aware of how important it is to pay attention and use our breath on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For a few years now whenever I check in with my inner knowing or higher guidance, the thing that first pops into my mind again and again is breathe. Our breathe can do so much for us. It came relax and heal our bodies and emotions. It certainly reduces feelings of fear, anxiety and stress.

When I lived in Ireland for a time I spent time with a bottle nosed dolphin who frequented the harbor the my village. I would go down the concrete steps from the pier that lead down to the deeper water and she would come close to greet me. Sometimes when I leaned over she would pop air out of her blow hole into my face.

I had the intuition that she was trying to convey to me the importance of breathing. Whales and dolphins are conscious breather, it’s not automatic the way it is with us. They have to be aware of every breath they take, so I had the feeling my dolphin friend wanted me to know what she knew about breathing.

It’s taken me years to really get on a deeper level why being aware of breathing on a conscious level is so important. Our breath connects us to our Spirit, the sacred presence that lives in each one of us. As French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin insisted “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Using our breath to relax our minds and bodies allows more of our Spirit into our lives. As we bring the presence of who we really are into our bodies and emotions through our breath, we begin to unravel things, we have been holding on to or repressing, that don’t serve us. We don’t even need to know exactly what they are. We can just let them go through our breath.

As we breathe deeply into those places in our bodies where we are holding tension and continue to breath we can feel the energies dissipate. This will likely feel uncomfortable, even painful, at first as most of us are in resistance to those feelings. Yet breathing takes us out of resistance into allowing. If you practice breathing deeply and relaxing your body you will feel things shifting in beautiful ways. I know I have.

Try this now. Take a deep breath and relax your body. Do it again. Notice where you are holding tension. Breathe into that place and just let everything go. Relax your entire body. You can do this throughout the day whenever you feel stress or find yourself worrying about your life or the state of the world.

Give yourself the gift of your breath. Notice the ways you feel more open to the support of Spirit and the miraculous when you do.

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