Are You Ready to Create Miracles

Orange ButterflyWe have to create miracles. A miracle is not the intersession of an external divine agency in violation of the laws of physics. A miracle is simply something that is impossible from an old story but possible from within a new one. It is an expansion of what is possible. – Charles Eisenstein

Recently I was camped in Yosemite Valley and in the middle of the day four deer came to the edge of my campsite and bedded down near where I was sitting. I had the intuition that they were there for me. Four is the number I associate with angels. Later in the day I listened to an animal communicator talk about deer representing the importance of being gentle with yourself. It was just the message I needed at that moment.

This is one of the ways the universe offers the miraculous to us. An animal visits us and we have a sense that it wants us to know something, or we open a book to a random page and read the exact words we need, or we have a hunch to go to coffee somewhere we have never been and someone in line who tells us about a job opportunity, or we see a billboard with a message that speaks to us on a deeper level. The more we honor our intuitive ways of knowing and pay attention to these kind of synchronicities, the more we experience these sorts of magical moments.

As Jean Houston, pioneer in the expansion of human consciousness, insists “we are more than an encapsulated bag of bones dragging around a dreary little ego.” We are hearts able to connect to the essence of love. We are souls who know the taste of eternity. We are spirit knowing that we live in the universe and the universe lives in us. Or in the words of Joni Mitchell “we are stardust, we are golden and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”

What keeps the miraculous from informing our lives is often our habit of wanting to control and figure everything out with our minds and stay within our comfort zone. We’ve been taught to ignore or deny our intuition, the knowing we feel in our gut or whole body that can open us to new ways of perceiving. Issues around feeling worthy of receiving the miraculous can interfere.

Yet the monumental scope of changes in the world today are insisting that we awaken to possibilities we have yet to consider, that we create a new story for ourselves and the world. To do this, we need learn to listen to the intuition which connects us to expanded ways of knowing and being where the miraculous can actually find us. This takes awareness, practice and a willingness to leave old ways that no longer serve behind.

Practice unplugging from the habitual. Unplug for a bit each day from the constant distractions of media and internet. Practice quieting your mind so that you can hear the still small voice within. Accessing the wisdom held in our hearts with help us weather the sea of changes. Intuition the language of our heart.

It’s been scientifically shown, including work done by NASA, that what we hold in our hearts radiates out to the whole world from the magnetic field of our hearts to that of the earth. Our hearts in turn receive information back in this expanded way.

The miraculous is at the heart of creativity whether you are writing a novel, composing a symphony, designing a garden or creating your life. Whenever I find myself in the flow of creativity I know that I am accessing something greater than myself. I can feel the magic happening. It always feels wonderful. Deer show up with a message, an inspiration pops into my head while taking a shower and a stranger buys my coffee when I forget my wallet and need a renewal of faith that I am indeed supported by the universe. I am aware of the world at work on my behalf.

These experiences are available to us all. Start looking for miracles small and large, then acknowledge and celebrate them when they show up. What we appreciate increases in our lives. Expand on what you see as possible. Have fun with it. Experience the joy of this kind of conversation with the universe.

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  1. Hi Suzanne,
    I read your latest post with curiosity and interest. I’d like to increase my belief in and perceptions of miracles around me and become more aware of serendipitous signals of a deeper reality. I looked up Jean Houston’s books on Amazon and wondered which one you might recommend. I’m looking for one that parallels the ideas in your post.
    Thanks so much for lifting me out of my To Do list doldrums today! Now I’m going out in nature to take a Zen walk and hopefully, become inspired.
    Kas Sartori


    suzanne Reply:

    Hi Kas,
    Thanks for your lovely comments. I’ve recently taken a course from Jean Houston but I don’t really know her books that well. I have a few other blog posts about living in flow which might offer a bit more inspiration. Your plan to let go of the To Do list and go for a walk with the intention of paying closer attention to the world is a great start.


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