In Creativity & Life Taking One Small Step A Day Can Do It

People get so focused on the big dream that they forget about the process. – Julia Cameron

Action is the foundational key to all success. – Pablo Picasso

hawk moonThere is a tendency to think that when we have a dream or an inspiration that we are excited about creating, that it should somehow miraculously manifest without our doing the necessary work in the physical world. This point of view is encouraged by a culture that doesn’t favor delayed gratification as well as confusion around what’s really involved in working with the Law of Attraction.

If what we want doesn’t happen easily we often give up. We can think we are doing something wrong. What if we understood that creating our desire is a process. What if the miracle of creation is found in taking inspired action? What if taking one small step a day can create wondrous results?

Making a commitment to small daily action helps build momentum and can open doors that you didn’t know were there. Want to write a book or a blog? Thinking of starting a business or a garden? Whatever it is that you want to create, commit to showing up a minimum of 15 minutes a day. Promise yourself that you will do this no matter what. Taking small steps allows us to bypass the fear and resistance that comes with having dreams and desires that take us beyond our comfort zone.

We can still work with raising our vibration and using our imagination to help create on an energetic level. We can ask for assistance from both the visible and invisible realms. As Julia Cameron, author of The Artist Way once said, “When I ask for help with my creativity, I get it.”

Asking questions, like “what would love do now?” or simply saying to the universe “show me my next step,” they letting go and allowing the answer to come in it’s own way and time, acts as an invitation to our higher self and subconscious mind to focus our attention on creating what we want. From that place the steps to take can become more obvious.

Know that the universe is there supporting you in creating your true heart’s desire. Help can arrive in unexpected ways. Now more than ever we are being asked to raise the bar on what we believe is possible for our own lives and the world. Anything you can imagine can be created one small step at a time. Go ahead. Take the first step today.

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