Want to Know How to Use Your Imagination?

dream_a_zImagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. – Albert Einstein

Most of us have never been encouraged to use our imagination. In fact we have often been discouraged with comments like stop that daydreaming or why are you doing wasting time staring out the window. When we are engaged in these activities we are letting our subconscious/unconscious mind run free to make new connections and give birth to new ideas. Rather than being encouraged to dream big, to ask questions or expand our awareness beyond the domain of our linear rational mind, we have been consistently schooled in restricting this wonderful potential.

Our imagination is like a muscle. The more it is used the stronger it gets. As we start to exercise our imaginations we actually form new neural connections in our brain. To start we need to relax the constant mental chatter that has us focused on the past or future and allow ourselves to be present in the moment. Our imagination gives us access to so much more of who we really are, what we know from expanded ways being.

“Just pretend” is another way of saying” imagine”, because when we use our imagination we feel we are just making it up and that it has little to do with “what is real”. But what if imagination is more than that. What if imagination actually shapes the energy of the universe, giving us the capacity to be the creator of our life and our world. What if now is the time. What do you want to create for yourself, your community and the world at large. You can start with “just pretend” to begin to access your imagination and deeper knowing.

Start to see what you want in your mind’s eye or feel it in your body. It can be as simple as I am the experience of joy, love, and freedom. What would that look like for you? What is calling to you from that place of your heart and your joy. What do your want to choose. What we put our focus on is what we create. Intentionally using your imagination for creation helps you focus on what you want and bring it into being. Imagine we can all be the agents of transformation in the world. What would that look like?

Try this. Take three deep breaths all the way down into your belly and with each exhalation let everything go and let the peace of simply being present in the moment enter you. Then imagine being in a favorite place. What do you see. If you are not visual, don’t worry about it. Instead focus on what it feels like to be there. What sounds, scents, tastes are involved. Use all your senses. The body can’t distinguish between a real experience and something that is imagined so this is a great way to give yourself a mini vacation without leaving home.

Then expand this. Try using your imagination to talk to a tree, a squirrel or a stone. See what they have to say to you. What advice do they have to offer about your life? Just pretend. ..

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