Why Is Having Fun So Important?

friends coffeeWe don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. – George Bernard Shaw

In our hectic, modern lives, many of us focus so heavily on work and commitments that we never seem to have time for pure fun. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we stopped playing. At some point we internalized the collective belief that play is only for children as well as the tendency to disapprove of adults who are having too much fun.

When we do make leisure time, we’re more likely to zone out in front of the TV or computer than engage in fun, rejuvenating play like we did as children. But just because we are adults, that doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves so seriously and make life all about work.

Play is actually essential to our health and wellbeing in numerous ways. An importance source for both relaxation and stimulation for adults, it’s also a great way to feed your imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and improve your mental health. If you are a parent playing with your kids will not only improve your own mood and well-being, it will make your children smarter, better adjusted, and less stressed.

When you take time to play, let go of all care about work and other commitments. Spend the time either on your own or with others in an unstructured, creative way. The focus is on being present to the experience of having fun and enjoying yourself. There is no goal, nothing to accomplish. You could simply have fun with friends, share jokes with a coworker, draw with crayons, put on some lively music and dance around the living room, go to a playground and swing, build a snowman in the yard, play fetch with a dog, or go for a bike ride with your partner with no destination in mind.

By giving yourself permission to play with the joyful abandon of childhood, you can reap many health benefits throughout your life. Playing can boost your energy, vitality and immune system helping you feel an increased sense of wellness and youthfulness. Play is also at the heart of being creative. It opens you to be more receptive to new ideas and those ah..ha moments.

What would it look like for you to bring more play to your daily routine, to the things you “have to do”, and to your job. What if you brought the joy of the fun of being alive to work. Try it for one day. Focus on bringing more play and fun to your life. Focus on enjoyment, amusement, lighthearted pleasure or playful behavior. Focus on having FUN.

Even if you do this for just a short while it can lift you to new ways of being. See if you don’t feel better. See if you don’t feel more creative and inspired. Then follow those threads of inspiration to expand your creative life.

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