What If Your Life Were A Work of Art?

paint feetWhat if you saw your life as a work of art? What if you really knew that you were the creator of everything in your life then what would you create, what would you choose, what would you want your life to be?

With a deepening understanding of the quantum field, science has confirmed what spiritual traditions have suggested for thousands of years, that our consciousness is in communication with the fabric of the universe. The observer of the world affects what is happening in the world.

We are constantly creating with the field through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Since this is most often going on at the level of the subconscious, we don’t realize that we are creating everything. We tend instead to feel like we are being tossed about on the currents of life.

Yet we do have a choice. We can either create unconsciously, usually repeating the same patterns over and over. Or we can become conscious creators developing new ways of being. Being a conscious creator involves work. We learn to work with tools and methods to clean out the old and use vision and imagination to create the new.

When we think of our whole life as a creative act we begin to take responsibility for it. It doesn’t matter how difficult our childhood was or how much we have struggled up to this point or how locked into family and culture constraints we feel. We have the capacities to consciously create a new story for ourselves. One that reflect our deepest desires and happiness.

When we treat our life as a blank page, listen to the direction of our heart and soul, and create from inspired action, we become co-creators with the universe. The dictum ask and you will receive comes into play. We are asking consciously through thought and words. We are also asking energetically by feeling the qualities of spirit, like happiness, joy or security, that you want to create. What we focus on grows. What we appreciate, appreciates.

Developing practices that help focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want are critical to make the shift from a life of struggle to one of grace and ease. When we know we are creating our life and we create something you don’t want you can pause the movie of our life and choose again. In the past decade there have been a wealth of new resources in energy psychology, spiritual awareness and creativity available to help us make the shift. Let yourself be drawn intuitively to what will work for you.

Play with these. Being the creator of our life is like working a muscle. It gets stronger the more we use it. Exercise this gift and see what wonders you can create.

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