Celebrate Yourself with Gratitude

friends coffeeFalse modesty will get you nowhere — nor will
genuine modesty when it is not required.

Modesty is rarely required by Life, did you know that?
It’s true. People are more self-deprecating than they
ever need to be. God says it’s okay to celebrate
your self. Honor the self, and delight in expressing
your talents and your gifts.

– Neale Donald Walsch

We have been taught not to “strut our stuff”, not to “be too big for our britches” and not to brag. It’s certainly not okay for us to start talking about all the wonderful things we’ve done. So we tend to dismiss our gifts and accomplishment. We tend instead to focus on what is wrong and what’s not working in our lives. We don’t acknowledge all that we bring to the world.

What if it were time to focus on what’s right about you and your life rather than what’s wrong. What would it take for you to see all the good you contribute to the world, what a gift you truly are. What if spirit or the universe loved us more that we can imagine and really wanted us to celebration ourselves and our lives.

I’d like to invite you to keep a new kind of gratitude journal. Rather than focusing on what you are grateful for in your world, turn your attention to all the ways you are grateful for you. It’s a place where you celebrate you. Where you record all the ways you feel good about yourself. You take a moment to honor everything you’ve been or done that you are proud of.

It could includes traits like I am generous and kind. I’m a good parent. I have a great sense of humor. I made my daughter feel good about herself today. I remained peaceful in the long line at the supermarket. I listened to my friend when she needed a sounding board. I had the courage to quit the job I didn’t like. You get the idea.

You can also use it to celebrate your creative self. I worked on a poem today. I finished a painting. I took a photo. I played with doodling. I read on article on innovation.

Then any time you find yourself judging yourself or not feeling good about yourself and your life, pull it out and start reading. Reclaim the good feeling you have for you. Celebrate you and all the ways you are a gift to this world. The more you do this, the more this will become your default setting and your energy will shift in positive directions and so will your life. This is one of the greatest gifts we can be to thoses we love, the world and ourselves.

ALSO TRY THIS: Spend the week bragging to yourself about yourself. Tell yourself all the ways you are so amazing. You can do this in a journal with writing or out loud in the car or in front of the bathroom mirror. Even if you are uncomfortable about first keep at it until you feel genuine appreciation for the gift you are.

When you find and hold appreciation for yourself you honor your soul. ~Linayah

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  1. I really appreciated this article as it offers a perspective that you don’t really hear too much. If life is about balance and loving everyone, including ourselves, then we should most definitely be working on that! These are positive actionable steps and I’m going to work on beginning with the journal you were talking about. 🙂


    suzanne Reply:

    Thanks Sean for your comments. I agree with you that with all the focus on the power of gratitude we do often forget to be grateful for ourselves.


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