Do You Let Negative Self Talk Stop You?

Put your thoughts to sleep,
do not let them
cast a shadow,
over the moon
of your heart.
Let go of thinking

– Rumi

Painted Background 260Do you let the voices in your head stop you from creating? You know the ones I mean. The ones that say, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m too old”, “I don’t have the time”, “It’s already been done”, or “Someone else will do it better”.

We all have some variation of this naysayer whose intention and sense of purpose is to keep us safe, small and in our comfort zone. A lot of the time this voice is running under the radar of conscious awareness. We sit down to write or we pick up a paintbrush or we begin to strum our guitar and find ourselves instead checking email or posting on Twitter, something we are comfortable with. When we realize that an hour has past we decide with will start the project tomorrow instead.

This resistance feels like an invisible force field holding us back. Until we become aware of it, we feel stuck. We can’t seem to move forward. Becoming conscious of the voice is the first step. Then try asking that part of yourself what does she need. Reassure her that she is safe. Often this is a tender part of ourselves who has experienced some trauma or disappointment around really expressing herself. You can acknowledge the fearful part of you, say I do hear you and I’m going to create anyway.

In my early days as a writer I used to tell my inner critic who would insist I’d never be another John Steinbeck, “thank you for sharing, I don’t need you input right now, I’ll talk t o you later, we’ll do lunch.” This helped defuse the voice so I could keep writing.

If you want to create anything new in your life you need to work with these voices in your head. You need to say yeah, I hear you and I’m going to take a step toward what I want anyway. Taking one small step a day can carry you a long way with freaking out the part of you that is trying to protect you from your fears.

Play with having a conversation with these parts of you. Find what works for you, so that every time you feel the resistance rise up you have a way to diffuse it and move on with the joy and satisfaction that creating brings.

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