The Power of Taking a Soul Name

Desert A number of years ago I did a soul based backpacking journey into a Utah desert with Bill Plotkin, author of Soulcraft and Nature and the Human Soul. The trip, titled Falling into the Center of Your Longing, was a magical ten days in a remote red rock canyon in Utah full of flowers blooming and birds singing. The place held a sacred quality where I felt the support of Nature as I opened to listen to my soul’s longing.

The first day we were asked to take a name for ourselves that captured the essence of who we really are. My soul piped up without hesitation with the words World Lover echoing in my mind. I knew right away, that was it.

Since that time I have used that name as a focus for all that I create. In truth I was already doing that before the words came through. As a teacher, creativity coach, life coach, writer, healer, traveler, naturalist I have long had a sense that I am here to express the love I feel for the beauty and wonder of the world. Sharing my love with others gives me a sense of purpose and satisfaction as I act from this soulful core.

Since that journey the awareness that I was here to love the world in all that I do deepened that connection. The trip was a commitment to connect with the guidance and longing of my soul which naturally moved me into a deeper sense of purpose and celebration of the world every area of my life.

You can try this for yourself without necessarily going on a vision quest. Simply ask your soul for a name that holds the essence of what you long to be or bring to this world. Then let go. See what pops into your head when you least expect it and your mind is occupied with a mundane task, like when you are doing the dishes, in the shower, taking a walk or driving your car. When a name pops up don’t try to grasp it with your mind, Rather sit with and see if after a while whether it resonates for you. If it does let the name sink in and begin to inform your life in new ways and help you bring your gifts forward in unexpected ways. Play with it.

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