The Flow of the Heart

sunflowersWe think we need to control everything. Our mind spins it’s wheels round and round reacting to the past, chewing on the seeds of separation. If left to run wild, the mind rarely say anything good about others or ourselves.

Mindfulness helps to quiet the mind so that we can hear the voices of heart and soul which only know love and Oneness.

The mind thinks it is keeping us safe, that it’s looking out for us. At best it keeps us distracted from our fear by focusing outside ourselves. At worst it is creating the situations in the holographic universe of our lives that we fear most.

Lately, I’ve been working with a new practice for quieting the mind. It involves bringing the mind down into the sacred chamber of the heart. Not the human heart that can have its own wounds but the part of our heart that connects us to the unconditional love at he heart of the universe; a unity consciousness or sense of Oneness.

Try it: Use your imagination to bring your mind down into the center of your heart or wherever in your heart area you feel guided. Have your heart welcome your mind home. From the place of love and connection to the Infinite, the mind will quiet down because it will feel safe. It will work with the heart to take inspired action and create more love and possibility in your life.

This is a practice, like meditation. Your mind may resist. It will likely want to pop back out of the heart and continue spinning stories of the danger and separation it perceives.

Lovingly bringing it back to the heart. See if your world doesn’t begin to soften as you go off autopilot and relax into the flow of the universe. This can really help your creativity since it will help connect your to the zone of inspiration and guidance.

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