The Answers Are Within You

writing2We are constantly looking for answers outside ourselves, hoping to find them in a book or a workshop or maybe a psychic. I’ve certainly done my share of chasing after answers from outside sources until I finally realized that my own heart and soul was the only sure source of the highest answers for me, for what my life is meant to be, what I am here to express.

Quieting the mind gives you greater access to the clear guidance that is available to us every moment of every day. Meditation or walking in Nature can help. One the best way to by pass the mind and dip into our deeper knowing that I have found is stream of consciousness writing. Sometimes called free writing or automatic writing, it can really help you connect to the deeper wisdom that lives within you. Call it your Higher Self, your Divine Self or your Intuitive Knowing – it’s the connection to a larger awareness that your linear mind can access.

If you write a tad faster than you can think, you out run the rational mind and open the doors to this deeper way of knowing and receiving help from your heart and soul that is much more expansive and creative than anything you could have conceived with your mind.

Try This: Think of a question you have about anything or a problem you need help with. Then address your Higher Self as if you were having a conversation. Write down the question or concern then write as if your Higher Self is answering you, just let the words flow out of your pen or the keys if you are typing. Don’t think. Write as fast as you can. Really let go and allow. You can set a timer for ten minutes if you want. That’s often long enough to get to the heart of things.

When you read what you have written suspend judgment. Try to read it as if someone else has written it. Be objective. Be curious. Your mind will often call it nonsense. Your mind doesn’t like letting go of control even though it can’t really provide your highest answer. Then too the answer you get may take you out of your comfort zone which your mind tries to keep you in.

We are so used to looking to our minds to help us solve problems. But your mind is like a computer program with limited information based on what you have put into it. While your heart, soul and imagination has access to a much bigger field. What place do you want to be living from?

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