Creativity: It’s a Process

writingashealing_writingA popular misconception about creativity is that you are either born with it or not. Many think that it’s a gift that hits you like a lightning bolt in a blaze of inspiration and that’s the only way you can access your creativity. While on rare occasions for some people creativity may comes that way, for most it’s a process that involves studying the form, practice, incubation and perseverance. In essence it’s a gift we are all born with that needs to be nurtured with time and patience. In truth it is a process that required commitment and perseverance.

Most of us understand that in the first year that we start playing the oboe that we will not find ourselves as the first chair in the New York Philharmonic. With a musically instrument that is difficult to play, we would naturally understand that it would take time and practice to get good. Accomplished musicians do indeed practice hours each day, everyday for years to achieve a high level of play. Pulitzer prize winning poet Mary Oliver revises her poems up to 60 times.

This is also true for anyone who has gained a level of skill in their chosen form of creative expression. Being creative is a process, it’s a journey. This is why I am a proponent of falling in love with the process and finding joy in the journey. The act of being creative really is it’s own reward. There is tremendous satisfaction with playing ideas and techniques to create something new whether it’s a poem, a song a recipe for a dessert or a business.

Once it is understood that it is a process then it becomes obvious that anyone can indeed be creative. All you have to do it be willing to play with the process, build up the muscle of the imagination and see where is takes you. Let yourself be surprised. That’s part of the joy and excitement of being creative.

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