Is Resistance Stopping You?

IMG_0321Resistance is an energy that keeps us from moving forward in ways we would really like to. It stems from focusing on what we don’t like about a situation and usually this is all going on at a subconscious level. We just know something’s not right. We feel a heaviness or discomfort in our bodies. Resistance definitely doesn’t feel good. If things aren’t working in your life the way you would like, you may be deep in resistance without even realizing it.

Resistance arises when we have subconscious beliefs or feelings that conflict with what we consciously desire. Say you sit down, excited to write an essay about your experience with dogs, yet once you begin to move the pen across the page it feels like someone is holding up a stop sign in front of you. Your subconscious has pulled up a memory of when your fourth grade teacher ridiculed you for a report you wrote on your beloved pet Beagle, Molly. You probably aren’t even consciously aware of the memory but all of a sudden you can’t make yourself write, on some level it doesn’t feel safe. An internal struggle is going on between the part of you that really wants to express yourself creatively and the part that wants to keep you safe, all below the level of conscious awareness. This tug of war can keep you stuck.

The first thing you can do is to become aware of when you are in resistance and simply acknowledge it. Say hello to it. Invite it to leave. Resisting the resistance will only make it worse. Let go of pushing down on it. Honor it as a protective mechanism and you can let it know that you no longer need protection. Using your breath can really help. Bring yourself into the present moment. Notice that you are safe and all is well. Keep breathing. This helps to relax your body which helps you feel safe, allowing you to move forward. I also work with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) aka Tapping in order to shift resistance. It helps to address the subconscious mind and break up the pattern held in the body.

Now that you have a better understanding of the power and source of resistance you can use your awareness to shift you from feeling stuck to moving forward. Play with this awareness. It can take time to consistently recognize when resistance has taken hold and move beyond it.

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