How could EFT help with Emotional Issues

Sharing their lives with each otherIt makes sense that EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), aka Tapping, could work on physical symptoms like headaches and pain since it involves tapping on the main acupuncture points for stress reduction. But how could it possibly work on emotional concerns or things like abundance and money issues.

When we have a thought like l’m not good enough or I’m not ready or I’ll never get out of debt we have corresponding feeling in our body that reinforces the thought. When a thought is accompanied by a strong sense of physical discomfort, we naturally assume it has to be true. We don’t stop ourselves and say “hey, it’s just a thought, it’s just a feeling.” Instead we automatically believe the thought and let it stop us or have a reaction to it.

We don’t have to let our thoughts and emotional triggers run away with us. The simple act of tapping through nine acupressure points while focusing on the sense of distress very quickly calms the physical sensation attached to the thought. When our body feels calm and safe we are able to be more discerning as to whether we want to react to the thought or if we want to make another choice. We have access to more of who we really are, are open to more possibilities and naturally make more life affirming decisions.

Whether you are familiar with EFT and the tapping points or not you probably already have some experience of the calming affect of touch the top of your head, the bridge of your nose, the side of your face or putting your hands to your chest, all areas involved in tapping. If you don’t know the specific points for EFT you might want to consider learning them. It only take a few minutes to get the very basics and it gives you a powerful tool for self empowerment.

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