What if Imagination were Real?

Dolphins jumpingWhat if when you imagine that your are talking to the trees, the birds, the whales, the dolphins, the angels or any member of the unseen realms like fairies, unicorns or elementals, that you actually are. What if even though it feels like you are making it up, something else is going on.

We have been taught to dismiss our imagination as “just pretend” as if it was of no consequence or importance. Yet Albert Einstein, perhaps the greatest geniuses of the 20th century, insisted that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” What did he mean? Perhaps he saw knowledge as a tool that relies on what we already know where as imagination which expands infinite in all directions takes to place we have yet to consider.

How does this apply to the ways humans can work with imagination. Consider the parts of our brain/mind that we don’t consciously use and the strands of DNA that scientists have labeled junk because they don’t understand it functions or what it does. That’s a lot of latent capacity. What if it plays a role in our imagination helping us connect to the larger universe behind the confines of everyday conscious reality, to the field of the infinite possibilities.

What if imagination is a like a muscle that has atrophied from lack to use. When we use our creative abilities we tap into an expanded way of knowing and being. We become co creators with creation. Imagination is clearly one of the ways we do this and the more we exercise it the stronger the connection becomes.

I recently took a class in animal communication where the instructor explained early on that at first when you talk to animals it will feel like you are making it up. That’s when I realized that I was already talking to them with my imagination, I just doubted that it was that easy and that imagination was the key.

Doubt may be the biggest stumbling block to being creativity. We doubt the flashes of inspiration that come to up in the shower. We doubt we can write the book that keeps wanting to bubble up from the essence of who we really are. We doubt that imagination is real. We think we have to figure everything out with our rational mind, that we have to understand something in order to be able to use it and trust it.

Yet imagination connects us to a realm beyond what the mind can comprehend. To use imagination we need to move into our knowing and being, that part of us that has always been connected to the Oneness. We need to play with the imagination, dance with it, learn to trust it and all that it can add to our lives.

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  1. Oh but Suzanne, off course we can speak with animals, plants and everything else…. sometimes (almost always) they seem to be much more clever than the Human Race….Just one thing for now…Animals very, very rarely kill their own!!! For some very sad part of the Human Race this (killing/slaughtering their own) now seem to have become a sport/game so, let’s keep on the imagination/reality and, lets talk to the other more sane races……


    suzanne Reply:

    Jette, Thanks for your comment. Yes I have the same sense that the animals and plants have much to offer us when we open to engage them in ways we may not really understand with our minds but feel with our hearts and the dance of imagination.


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