Why is this Important?

blank pageWhy is this important may be the most valuable question you can ask when it comes to making a decision about anything in your life. Say you are thinking of moving to Hawaii. When you ask why is this important you get that it’s really about being close to whales and dolphins. This awareness opens up other possibilities, since you know there are other ways to satisfy this desire.

In teaching writing for more than twenty years, I discovered that answering the question, “Why I want to write” was the best way to help individuals find their subject and voice as well as the motivation to show up.

Recently it occurred to me that focusing on why something is important to you can really help you clarify your intention and support your ability to take action on what you want to create and accomplish.

I did this myself for my work as creativity coach. I realized that my primary interest is tied to helping others develop their imagination and open up to their creative expression to experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from being creative in any area of your life. Working with imagination empowers my clients to find their own answers and expand their lives.

Imagination is a natural human capacity. Now more than ever at this time in Earth’s history, it is important for everyone to activate capability. It is a creative force and allows us to come up with truly new ideas and solutions to the problems we face both on an individual level and globally.

When I understood the why behind my work as a creativity coach, it was much easier to effectively direct my energy and efforts in working with others. You can do this yourself, for absolutely everything in your life from taking a trip to Hawaii to creating a home for yourself to deciding what form your artist expression wants to take.

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