New Earth Rising

Humpback Whale Jumping Out Of The WaterFor the summer solstice I was intuitively pulled to go to Mt Shasta in northern California to attend a Whale and Dolphin Medicine Retreat with Laura Reyon and Master Cat Puddah. Laura is an animal communicator who channels Master Cat Puddah and works with Whale and Dolphin energy in powerful ways.

I could feel the whales really insisting I go. I have a long standing relationship with whales having spent time with them on and off for 37 years. Several years ago I could really sense them wanting my attention in a deeper way. I was also then spending time with a wild Bottlenose dolphin in the west of Ireland and it was clear to me that dolphins are healers and emissaries of light and joy for the Earth and humanity. It is clear that the whales and dolphins want to help us.

It has also become clear to me that we do not need to be physically present with whales and dolphin to benefit from a relationship with them. They are present for us in ways our minds can’t understand but our hearts and souls can sense if we open up to them and call on them for help. Just imagine they hear you and imagine the answer.

Here’s a poem that came to me from the retreat that I hope distills a sense the presence of the whales and dolphins.

New Earth Rising

The whales and dolphins
want us to know
they are with us.
Swimming the seas
of our hearts,

taking us deeper
into the pure pools
of love and wonder,
for the Earth,
for the Cosmos,
for our own magnificence.

Offering oceans of opportunities
to live in each moment,
the brilliance of joy
the sweet wine of happiness
the soothing presence of beauty.

Peace rising
on their every breath,
bringing our soul home
to this place
of awakening,

paradise on Earth.

– Suzanne Murray

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