Whales Are Calling

Humpback MotherIn 1977 I did a three week sea kayak trip in southeast Alaska’s Glacier Bay. I was 25 years old and went with my boyfriend at the time. The first night we pitched our tent in the small campground near park headquarters nestled in the dense forest of Sitka Spruce that grow right to the edge of the sea.

The next morning I woke to the sound of breathing. The deep exhalation of whales blowing in the cove. I had never heard that sounds before but I knew in my heart what it was. I wiggled out of my sleeping bag and into my clothes, slipped on my shoes, loosely tied the laces and ran down the path to the beach.

There, I stood mesmerized as two great beings, Humpback Whales, crisscrossed the small lagoon, watched the geyser of mist formed by their breath as they rolled to surface, arching their massive black backs before slipping back below. They did this several time before raising their tail flukes, sounding down deeper, disappearing for ten or twenty minutes.

With a sense of urgency, we assembled our two person collapsible kayak consisting of a wooden frame with a gray rubberized hull and blue canvas top. I worked with speed. I wanted to get out on the water. For reasons I didn’t really understand I wanted to be as close as I could. I could feel the pull of their presence.

Now 37 years later, I realize that was the beginning. On that same trip I sat on a rocky point just above the water where the Bay splits into two arms and watched with awe as a Humpback swam immediately beneath me and had the sense it was there for me. It’s taken me all these years and many more encounters with whales to realize that they really are calling me. I feel the pull in my heart. Now at this pivotal time in Earth’s history and the evolution of humanity they want to help and they want our help. They are asking receptive humans to listen with our inner knowing to what they have to say and the guidance they offer. I am listening more and more deeply in the depths of my heart and imagination, feeling that same delight I felt all those years ago when I first engaged with the whales.

Try it if you feel at all called. You don’t need to be in the actual physical presence of a whale for this to work. Use your imagination and have a conversation. Your imagination is an amazing capacity that most of us haven’t been taught to use properly or have been discouraged from developing. Play with it the way you did as a child. Just pretend. What would the whales or dolphins want to say to you if you were “actually” talking with them. What would you like to say to them. Trust that what you get is real. Trust that the whales and dolphins really want to connect and help us shift our consciousness to live from love and happiness and joy as they do.

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