Creative Play

Happy child with painted handsLately I’ve been writing at least one haiku poem a day – the Japanese form of three lines of 5/7/5 syllables. I’ve been doing it first thing and then posting it on Twitter, not waiting to revise or get it exactly right. I’ve just been playing with putting it out there and having fun. With more than thirty years of writing experience with essays and poetry I’ve always been exacting in crafting my work. There is great satisfaction in getting a piece exactly the way it wants to take shape. Yet I am also now enjoying relaxing and finding a sense of play with the quick word sketches.

Our brains, our soul, and our inner child need creative play time. Whether we consider ourselves to be creative we are all hungry to express ourselves in this way. It’s a deep human need on the level of our heart and soul. Creative play is one of the ways we can reclaim our joy and nurture not only ourselves but the world. It opens up more of our brains and capacities and exercises our imagination.

Whether it’s trying a haiku poem or picking up an instrument we may or may not know how to play and exploring the sounds we can make or getting messy with an art project like finger painting or working with clay, the child that we once were still lives inside us and remembers how to play in this way if we let her.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as creative that’s just a story that you bought into somewhere along the way. Everyone is creative in their own unique way. Playing can help you find and express it. So go buy a pack of crayons or watercolors. Sing in the shower or the car. Suspend the voice of the inner critic. Feel the joy that lives at the heart of creative play.

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