Create, Create, Create

When I asked my inner knowing and wisdom for guidance on moving forward in the new year all she keeps saying to me was create, create, create. I got the image of confetti being thrown into the air in celebration of the creative potential of us all. I got it’s time to leave behind the beliefs that limit us and embrace the creative beings we truly are in whatever form that calls to us.

So I asked my muse for specifics. What should I create? The answers didn’t come all at once. Generally they came as flashes of insight while I was out on my daily walk that puts me in a meditative state where an idea arrives that excites and energizes me. Then I know I’m on to something. One idea involved putting together an ebook for my writing students and clients based on my workshops to support them in engaging the process on their own. I also got the idea for doing the same for creativity coaching and to do more focusing on Nature and Creativity in Yosemite and other places I am exploring.

Beyond that I got that we all need to be willing to be surprised. That we need to open up in new ways. We tend to limit our creations, whether in the realm of creative expression or in creating our lives, to what we already know or to a variation on what we have already done. We also limit ourselves by thinking we need to figure out “the how” of whatever we are inspired to create rather than trusting and allowing the universe to support and guide up step by step.

At this pivotal time in human history opening up to truly new ideas and possibilities is essential. As Einstein noted, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” So here are some questions to ask. Can we allow ourselves new thoughts? Can we start to see ourselves differently? Can we see ourselves as capable of more than we have imagined up until this point?

I am asking myself these same questions aware that there is a seed within me and all of us wanting to emerge. We don’t have to go looking for our creations, they live inside us in the dark womb of our soul and imagination. We have to learn to let them grow, leaf out and blossom.

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