Art of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Since Gary Craig developed EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in the late 1990s and trained a number of EFT Masters, the work has really blossomed. In the spirit of Craig’s motto “try it on everything” the various Masters applied the technique to a wide range of specialties from pain relief to phobias to stress reduction to financial problems to improving your sports performance to the law of attraction.

As Gary Craig insisted, EFT is more an art than a science so many practitioners have gotten creative and expanded its use. Since it works with tapping the acupressure meridians used in Chinese medicine for stress relief working with EFT can help clear your energy field and raise your vibration allowing you to be more clear headed and access ideas and inspiration at a higher level than when you are feeling discouraged or depressed.

EFT works in part by following the subconscious threads of an issue that are often linked to beliefs formed in childhood before our conscious mind develops. Use of intuition plays a key role in the effective use of EFT since the beliefs that keep us stuck in patterns of poor health or financial difficulties can to our adult mind seem highly irrational.

Our conscious mind tends to want to dismiss the actual root of the problem. Whereas our intuition or inner sense of knowing can make connections that at first may not be obviously but can really help lead to the emotional and energetic release of an issue. After unearthing the core of the issue EFT can actually remove the emotional charge around even traumatic events. You still have the memory but no longer feel emotionally triggered by it.

Besides trying EFT on everything as Craig suggested I also recommend that you play with it. Since it is more an art than a science you really can’t do it wrong and the benefits can truly be substantial. You can learn the basics of EFT to use on yourself in around 15 minutes. Then with a few minutes of tapping can lessen your back pain or grief or anxiety or writer’s block or anything else that’s up for you see if you don’t experience a bit of relief.

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  1. Hey, thanks for this — I’m always really interested to read up more about creativity and the creative process. I’d never heard of EFT before reading this, so thanks – -you’ve inspired me to research into it more.



    suzanne Reply:

    Hi Clare, Thanks for your comment. Glad you are inspired to learn more about EFT. It’s a powerful tool for shifting energy and healing. Please let me know if you have any questions.



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