The Power of Choice and Knowing


The most powerful claim you can make in the creation of any area of your life is “I know”. Saying I know activates your internal guidance system, the part of you that has access to the next best step for you to take, the part of you that is aware of what you really want. Claiming I choose to know enhances that awareness. Knowing that we have choice takes us out of feeling like a victim of circumstances of our lives and the world and puts us in a place of empowerment.

Choice is a powerful aspect of the creation process. In fact, choice has to come first. You can’t wait to figure everything out before you choose. Instead you choose what you want to create and then the way to create it becomes apparent. You receive a phone call from an old friend telling you about an opportunity or you feel pulling to a book that gives you a new idea and perspective or you have the urge to stop for coffee in a place you never go to and strike up a conversation in line with someone who works in the area of your interest or you go for a walk and experience a flash of inspiration about what step to take.

This is how the universe talks to us after we have made the choice form our knowing. Even if you think you “don’t know” what you want or what to do, claiming I know and holding your focus on knowing you know increases your clarity. Dropping down into your heart for the answer also helps. Your heart and your gut are the places of your knowing.

Try this : Every time you find yourself saying or thinking I don’t know. Stop yourself. Take a deep breath and claim “I do know”. You will feel resistance to shifting the old pattern at first. Think of it as building a muscle. You work at developing a sense of “I know” and before long it becomes natural. Feel the empowerment of living in your knowing and watch your life open up in new and miraculous ways.

Our minds like to try to talk us out of what we know. This happens all the time. How many times have your said to yourself “I knew I shouldn’t have done that”. Be mindful of the difference between what we know deep in our heart and bones versus what the mind thinks is a good idea. This will help you to act from your knowing with more confidence.

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