Ready to Experience the Joy of Loving Yourself

friends coffeeImagine your life as a blank page, a white canvas. What if you could create anything you wanted? What would you create? What if the power to do so is already within you? What if how your focus your thoughts and feelings and use your imagination are the keys. What if love, self love, is the answer?

I recently listened to a talk by Story Waters author of You are God, Get Over It. He’s has a wonderfully irreverent sense of humor while at the same time channels a deep and reverent wisdom. He suggests that you can’t be the creator of your life if you don’t love yourself. A lot of the leaders in the shift in consciousness movement have been saying the same thing, that loving ourselves is critical to making the change to living from an expanded state of being.

Recently I’ve really been focusing on Self love and the key elements of self-acceptance, self-worth, self-trust. When we love ourselves, we naturally live from our heart and have greater access to our knowing, our internal guidance. This allows us to act from that place of clarity around what we really want and trust that we can allow ourselves to have our good. It’s really expanded the good in my life and my joy.

So would you like to start today? Make the commitment, the choice to love yourself. Hold your focus on that. Sometimes in this process aspects of your self that are not self love come to the surface to be released. So don’t think you are doing it wrong if this happens. It’s like building a muscle. Keep returning to being kind and accepting of all of you. What if we all loved ourselves? What would the world look like then?

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