Using Your Imagination

dream_a_zLogic will get you from A to Z, imagination will get you everywhere. – Albert Einstein

Everything you can imagine is real. – Pablo Picasso

Most of us as children were told by adults or even older children when we played pretend or expressed an awareness of something beyond everyday reality like talking to animals or fairies or seeing the colors of a person’s aura, “oh that’s just your imagination” as if it were unimportant or not real. We have been taught to deny or dismiss this wonderful facility that can add so much to our lives.

But what if the imagination was more than we have been lead to “think”. What if our imagination offers us a doorway to an expanded reality. What if our imagination is a powerful tool in creating not only stories or pictures or music but our very lives.

What if when you imagine you are talking to trees and actual answers come as words or pictures in your mind or a feeling in your body that you are not necessarily “making it up”. What if you are actually receiving information and guidance from the trees. Or what if we imagine a conversation with our Higher Self that gives us great advice. Or if you are a writer what if you could ask questions of Mark Twain and get some interesting answers?

Now I know that to the rational, linear mind this sounds crazy. My own mind is telling me at this very moment, “you can’t say that.” We all have a very highly skilled censor that limits not only what we feel we can say but even what we feel we can think. Yet doesn’t playing with the imagination make life more interesting? Doesn’t it open us up to more possibilities?

Also as adults we often define ourselves as not being creative and imaginative. Yet it is a gift we were all born to and something we can easily reclaim by a willingness to play with it. One way to begin to work with this more expanded vantage point start with “just pretend”. Just pretend what you want your life to look like if you had no limits and all was possible. Imagination is the faculty that can take you there.

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