Dancing with Your Imagination

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What is imagination but a reflection of our yearning to belong to eternity as well as to time. – Stanley Kunitz

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. In my writing classes, I say “your imagination is smarter than you are.” Imagination is the way we access our deeper mind; the 95% or so that we don’t use in our ordinary lives. It is the place where you shed your ego, where sparks fly and time stands still. It requires a bit ofsolitude and idleness. It asks that you slow down and sit still with your mind clear and expectant.

Here’s an exercise to play with to help you tap into your imagination. Sit quietly for five minutes following the flow of your breath and calming your mind. Then be open to what your imagination has to say to you. Do a ten minute freewrite as if you were taking dictation from your imagination. Or you could ask what it wants from you and then answer the question yourself in a freewrite where you let your mind run. The more you play with your imagination the easier it is to access it.

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  1. I did this last night; I wrote; then I waited quietly and entered the freewrite. I got quite a surprise at the end of the page. I don[‘t often go public with this but I put it on my Napkinwriter blog for today’s entry.

    I’m saving up to do another EFT with you Suzanne.


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