The Heart of Coherence

butterfly pink flowersJan Phillips in her book The Art of Original Thinking – The Making of a Thought Leader, states that “some of the greatest thinkers today are in agreement about the power of our consciousness to alter our circumstances. From biologists to business leaders, mystics to medical professionals, philosophers to philanthropists, individuals are speaking out about the role of our thoughts in the unfolding of our realities. Simultaneously, the world of quantum physics is seeding our fertile mindscapes with findings that propel us beyond all known imaginings.”

The essence of this idea is that we can affect not only our own personal reality but also the collective reality of the planet by what we think about, focus our attention on, the images with hold in our hearts and minds. I’ve long had this intuition myself but have hesitated to speak of it because the rational mind, my rational mind, thinks it sounds crazy or impossible.

Yet now it’s really clear to me that we need to find new ways of thinking and perceiving that are beyond the rational mind. There are two great quotes from Einstein that really speak to this, the first is “imagination is more important than knowledge” and the second is “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”

Some years ago I heard of something called The Maharishi Effect where a group of people went to Washington D.C. in August with the intention to meditate on peace and community coherence while holding the collective intention of lower the crime rate by 25%. The chief of police laughed saying, “it would take 6 feet of snow to lower the crime rate by that much.” By the end of the month the crime rate had dropped 25% and the chief of police was a believer. They have repeated this “experiment” in cities around the world with the same result and found that it only took 1% of the population hold the space and energy for the whole community to shift. When they stopped the meditation the crime rate and tensions went back up.

I’m an active participant in something called The Global Coherence Initiative, which was started by the Institute of Heartmath. It is a science-based, co-creative project that unites people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace. On their website at, they have a virtual prayer room where people gather at set times to send heart felt energy for a period of up to 15 minutes to places in crisis from natural disasters like Japan or political chaos like the Middle East. Focused care has also been sent to the Earth with the intention of calming the severe weather patterns and allowing for the earth changes to occur more gently.

Part of this project includes a group internationally renowned scientists and engineers who are designing and setting a system with stations around the world that monitors fluctuations in the Earth’s geomagnetic field and pulsations and resonances associated with ionospheric excitations which can allow them to predict major earth events like earthquakes. And one of the ideas is that the collective focused care of higher human consciousness has the capacity to reduce the severity of such events.

This is why I’m so keen on supporting developing the intelligence of our hearts and the expansiveness of the imagination. This is where we will find the new level of thinking to solve the problems we face in the world.

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  1. I am reading HeartMath & Non-Agressive communication since I learned of :
    BePeace was developed by Rita Marie Johnson, in 2002, after moving to Costa Rica from Texas, where she strengthened its peace model. She was surprised to learn that Costa Rica did not have an army. She was also inspired by a poem that tells of a teacher, Rasur, who comes to a village and awakens the children to the wisdom and compassion in their hearts.


  2. Logic is to the pre-frontal cortex or conscious mind what Emotion is to the heart. Further I see the mind is to Newtonian physics what we can grasp with our senses and the heart signifies quantum physics connecting us to the cosmos. This emerging field of neuro-cardiology shared by great minds like Greg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton.

    Undoubtedly it’s the merging of the two that allows for most efficient processing and survival for humanity, this “Coherence” as so eloquently shared by Greg Braden brings significant meaning: “Co” indicating partnership or equality and “here” to be present and also the homonym “hear” or to listen so “Coherence” perfectly describes the partnership and/or equality of being present and listening with both the heart and mind together in grand symbiosis. Both of which are united knowingly and with great care and love by ones indomitable spirit.


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