The Heart of Creating

heart in woodI refer to my writing classes and coaching collectively as The Heart of Writing. As a lover of double entendres (a phrase that can be understood in either of two ways), I feel this phrase captures both my intention to provide an experience of the heart or essence of the writing process but also my desire to convey the importance of writing from the heart and tapping its wisdom and depth.

So I find it especially interesting that scientists studying the heart have discovered that our heart (feelings) produces 5000 times more electromagnetic energy than our brain (thoughts). When we focus on our heart with the energy of love we draw on that current for what we want to manifest in our lives since, as physicists tell us, the space between atoms is composed of electromagnetic energy. It seems that the energy of the heart when focused can help us attract what we desire.

The Institute of HeartMath ( , a scientific research group studying the intelligence of the heart have discovered that intuition seems to be the language of the heart. Intuitive signals go first to the heart before being relayed to the brain and they have found that the heart senses the nature of particular events ahead of time, before these events actually occur.

Joseph Chilton Pearce in his book subtitled A Return to the Intelligence of the Heart, talks about this in detail. He goes on to discuss that intuition is something we share with other mammals. He tells the story of a group of elephants used for the tourist trade on a Malaysian beach hit by the Tsunami of December 2004. Several minutes before the wave hit the one elephant out with his handler and a tourist went racing away from the beach to the other elephants to help them pull up their tethers and run to high ground. The villagers who followed their loud trumpeting were spared.

When we are really being creative, in either our chosen art form or within our lives as a whole. We tap into a state of Grace, sometimes known as being in the zone or in the flow. I think the heart and intuition are involved in this sort of unconscious competence that the mind doesn’t really understand but is able to appreciate. Through practice and commitment we can learn to listen more carefully to the wisdom and intuitions of our heart and use them to focus in on what we really want to create in our lives and in the world.

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