Writing for Wisdom & Clarity

writing-centerTalking to paper is talking to the divine. It is talking to an ear that will understand even the most difficult things. Paper is infinitely patient. – Burghild Nina Holzer

Do you feel the call to live more authentically from your deeper yearnings and desires and bring our gifts into the world. I wanted to offer you a tool for gaining clarity and insights from our heart’s deeper way of knowing that is the surest and fastest way I know. It’s faster than meditating, going for a walk to think things through or talking to a friend. It involves using writing as a hotline to your truest knowing.

I first started keeping a journal in college and have maintained that practice for over thirty five years. Later as I became interested in creative writing I learned a technique called freewiting from a book by Peter Elbow called Writing Without Teacher. It involves writing without thinking for a set amount of time where you let the writing take you where it wants to go. This differs from journaling in that it involves an act of surrender and letting go of needing to figure it out with your conscious mind. In allowing words to flow onto paper as they emerge from your inner being in a spontaneous and heartfelt way you access a profound clarity and wisdom.

All you do is simply force yourself to write without stopping for ten minutes. If you get stuck you keep writing “Keep the pen moving” until you break free. To tap your inner knowing you can address your Higher Self or the source of the highest wisdom you can access with a question like “what do I need to know right now?” or “what is my deepest heart’s desire” and then just let the pen take over. If you are really fast on the keyboard you can try it on the computer.

When you are finished read it over as if it is a letter you have gotten in the mail. Pretend someone other than you wrote it. Be open and curious. You may also want to put it away for a couple of days and read it again. This allows you to be much more objective. Be persistent. It can take a while to develop the ability and connection. Keep playing with it. Have fun.

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