Reflections on Pilgrimage to Ireland

Recently Judith Rousseau who came on the West of Ireland trip I lead this past September sent me a card where she so beautiful expressed the power of pilgrimage or traveling with the intention to learn and grow to the deeper rhythms of our soul can effect us in profound ways that we only become conscious of over time. I was deeply touch by her words because they allowed me to understand that what people take home from the experience may be far more than I imagined.

Judith describes the three trips: “the one you plan and dream of; the one you have unfolding in the time it took; and the one you remember. But still, the trip is all three intertwined.” She went on to say “It took about a month but finally memories of little hardships, disappointments, thoughts of what I should have done drained away and the essence of the journey rose up like a face in the water – palimpsest: seeing what’s beneath the mind’s blather. I remember the details of the trip with shocking clarity. I still don’t know what it means – to me – I have a feeling there will be a seeping out for years to come.”

I have been carrying Judith’s card around with me and rereading it over and over because I feel like she really captures the depth and power that pilgrimages to sacred places can bring to our lives. And I feel a sense of awe that I could be part of this process for another. It also reminds me of the way making intentional journeys have changed my life in wonderful ways. The magic live in my heart.

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  1. I share the wonder of what is expressed here in my personal/group ilgrimages to Rome & Assisi Italy and to Chartres France — both in the year 2000 with shared professional work being done in both.


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