Suzanne Murray & Creativity Goes Wild

SuzanneWebSuzanne Murray is a gifted creativity and writing coach, soul-based life coach, writer, poet, EFT practitioner and intuitive healer committed to empowering others to find the freedom to ignite their creative fire, unleash their imagination and engage their creative expression in every area of their lives. She works with simple, powerful techniques to help clear whatever gets in the way and creates a safe and sacred space for your creative and soulful life to blossom. She provides an experience of the joy and beauty that comes from embracing your gifts and expressing them in the world. With a lifelong connection to the natural world, she enjoys sharing the grace and wonder that Nature can bring to your life and creativity.

As a Creativity Coach she helps others explore and support their creative self in whatever form it takes and to discover ways to live a more creative life. Offering The Heart of Writing Coaching and Classes since 1991, she brings to her work with writers a passion for words and an ability to inspire others to write and experience the writing process. With Creativity in Nature programs she offers the the experience of the incredible synergy that connecting to Nature can bring to our creativity. As an EFT Practitioner she enjoys working with these simple, powerful technique to help others shift out of limiting patterns and embrace a life they love.

Committed to the power of Sacred Travel she leads small groups to Ireland a place that offer a strong sense of the magnificent and mystical. With a strong connection and family ties to Ireland she enjoys taking small groups to the West of Ireland to explore the mythic landscape and experience the richness of the Celtic Imagination.

An award-winning writer, Suzanne”s work has appeared in literary magazines including Orion and The Sun. Author of a book of poems Love Poems to Nature, she has kept a journal for forty years and is currently at work on a collection of essays about her connection to Ireland. She also has creative experience in photography, dance and design. An advanced trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, Access Consciousness the Bars, Psych-K & ThetaHealing she works to empower coaching clients to clear on an energetic level the limiting beliefs that hold them back from living their full creative potential. She also has a background as a biologist and professional naturalist and has worked of Yosemite Institute and the National Park Service.